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Biggest Little Circus (BLC) is a non-profit 501(c)3 based in Reno, NV.  We are working to foster a community of professional circus performers and support the arts in Northern Nevada, Northern California,

and the Mountain West.

We are available for hire at your next event, we will produce circus shows, as well as provide performance educational support in circus arts to our community.


Our Board of Directors.


Lacey Costanza


Growing up with a background in dance and theater, Lacey quickly fell in love with the quirkiness of circus arts as a teenager. She began her first aerial arts classes as a high school freshman in 2013. Throughout the years, silks have remained her one true love, however, she enjoys playing on all apparatuses and being in the air in general. In her capacity as a coach at Flux Movement Lab, Lacey has worked tirelessly to facilitate performance opportunities for aspiring performers in the community by creating and hosting events in a transformed training-space-turned-venue. Her love for circus is rooted in circus’s way of celebrating the unusual and the way circus can puzzle audiences into thinking, “How in the world can they do that?”. Being born and raised in Reno, Lacey is thrilled to be a part of Biggest Little Circus to spread the magic that circus creates and help grow the circus entertainment opportunities in Northern Nevada.


Elli Komito


Elli’s first exposure to circus was as a volunteer set builder for a Brooklyn-based political satire circus show entitled “The Golden Racket.” Shortly thereafter, they were exposed to aerial arts on a group trip to Israel in 2011. Upon return, they immediately began taking aerial classes, and despite 20+ years of ballet under their belt, it was a many-year uphill journey toward proficiency and performance-readiness. Ultimately, what kept Elli engrossed was the defining characteristic that they had never been able to connect with in their many years of dance - not only is there something in circus for everybody; there is something in circus for every body. Circus unapologetically celebrates unconventionality. From mobility limitations to gender variance to atypical tastes, there is something in circus that will resonate with and be accessible to everyone. Elli loves circus’ unique and subversive ability to tell stories and challenge preconceived notions on individual and cultural levels in some of the most vibrant ways possible. Their hope is to see circus become more accessible to the viewer, and for circus artists to see more appropriate and fair compensation for their work within the Great Basin community.


Shannon Roberts


Shannon explored a variety of movement arts and sports growing up, but everything made sense when she was introduced to circus arts. She is drawn to the playfulness and endless creative possibilities this art form has to offer. Her cirque journey started in Costa Rica in 2019 where she began attending aerial silk classes a couple times a week. With her certain passion, the dedication and motivation came easily even though the journey to being performance ready was challenging. Over the following years, Shannon consistently sought her passions while traveling and learning how to express herself through movement, performing on various apparatuses including silks, lyra, trapeze, and straps at private parties, weddings and community events throughout Costa Rica, the United States, and Mexico. Learning another language allowed Shannon to connect with people of different backgrounds and cultures and create meaningful relationships. This only expanded as she was able to share her love for the aerial arts with others through being a student and teacher in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Shannon is eager to share the joy of circus arts with her community, and to improve the opportunities for circus performers in Northern Nevada and the Mountain West.


Lindy Deller

Executive Director

Lindy has been performing aerials professionally since 2014. Having grown up a competitive dancer in ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop, she takes that experience and grace to any stage setting. She has performed all over the United States, including with Boise Circus Guild, the Reno PhilHarmonic, dozens of local festivals and corporate events in and around the Reno/Tahoe area, and has competed at the US Aerial Championships in New York City. From 2015 through 2021, Lindy managed a professional aerial and circus company, where she gained experience in hosting, script writing, choreographing, and organizing circus shows. Lindy loves being a part of the circus community and sharing her knowledge with emerging professionals. Lindy brings to BLC not only her passion for circus, education, and performance, but also over 6 years of experience serving on nonprofit boards in the community and nation-wide. She currently sits on the executive board for NAIOP, a Washington D.C.-based commercial real estate association; is the immediate past president of NAIOP Northern Nevada, and is a board member of the Reno PhilHarmonic.

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